Biography of
Sensei Heriberto Sepulveda
Heriberto Sepulveda Sensei has over 30 years of
experience in Martial Arts.  He began tranning
martial arts in The Dominican Republic in 1970.  He
first trained Kempo Karate-Do and then Shotokan.
By the age of 17, as a purple belt, he began
teaching boys and girls as young as 5 years of age,
as well as adults.  He came to the United States in
1978 and lived in Washington Heights, New York
City.  He earned Shodan and Nidan ranks in 1986
and in 1990, respectively.  

After trying Shotokan for many years and wanting
to extend his knowledge of karate-do, he decided
to learn Shito-Ryu with Shihan Jorge Sosa, Sr.,
under whom he achieved Sandan rank in 1994 and
Yondan rank in 1996. He began to attend various
knowledge of Shito Ryu.  At these seminars, he
learned from Soke Kenei Mabuni, Shihan
Minakami, Shihan Minobu Miki, Shihan Fumio
Demura, Shihan Hayashi-ha, Soke Kenzo Mabuni,
Shihan Kunio Murayama and Shihan Julio Martinez.

Since the year 2001, Sensei Sepulveda has been
under our great Soke, Kunio Miyake, Founder of
Shuko-Kai International with godan rank. In 2012
rockudan rank and shodan nipon Tobo Iai-Do in
2009. Sensei Sepulveda is also vice-president of
Shuko-kai International and National referee c with
the USANKF and in the year 2000 a Kumite
Regional Judge with the Pan-American Karate do.
Heriberto Sepulveda Sensei